13 Cooling Dog Beds To Keep Them Refreshed (And Comfy)

1. An raised cooling dog bed that over 32,000 reviewers (YUP, that’s right!) claim is incredibly easy to put up, and the permeable material ensures that once your dog climbs on, they won’t be getting off anytime soon.

The mesh material allows air to flow freely, making it an indispensable pet product that tackles the majority of your summer issues.

Positive feedback: “This is fantastic! We ordered the large, which is excellent for our 95-pound German shepherd! I’ll be getting another large for our Husky very soon! Anyone searching for a chew-proof bed should definitely get this! We’re incredibly excited about being able to keep our boys cool! Because most of the beds we buy are too hot to sleep in, they end up on the floor. My GSD has not yet gotten out of bed. He’s sound asleep!” Ulloa, Deborah

2.With the added layer of memory foam, you might have to say goodbye to those late-night cuddling with your dog.

For those with pups, one of these finest chew toys for puppies may be of interest.

Positive feedback: “My German Shepherd gets really heated while playing, and I am grateful that he prefers the pillow bed than the floor for cooling. He has two additional favorite beds, and he used to constantly lie on the hardwoods when he was hot. He now sleeps on this bed rather than on the floor, which is essential for the protection of his bones and joints.” —RicoAndMe

3.A portable canopy cooling dog bed that will make those last-minute beach vacations a snap for your pup (especially if they don’t like scorching sand).

Positive feedback: “This worked out well. We hung it on our pool deck so our dog could join us. It appeals to her. It’s simple to assemble, strong, light, and comfortable.” —From Lisa Rose

“My dog loves to sit on the portable cot, so this is ideal. When the weather becomes extremely hot, she’ll be able to jump directly on it for shade. It’s simple to set together and clean up afterward.” —Paola

4.If you enjoy giving your dog the best, this Casper cooling dog bed with two super-cushiony, cloud-like layers of memory foam material is worth the expenditure.

There’s also a machine-washable removable cover!

5.A non-slip memory foam cooling dog bed, so they can pounce on top of it right before sleep time and it won’t slip and slide all over the place.

“I reside in coastal (Caribbean) Colombia, where it gets dog-gone-hot from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” says the reviewer. So, when I stumbled upon this bed, I was seeking for something ‘cooling.’ It comes tightly curled, and you’re supposed to let it out for at least 24 hours to expand it, but my dog went straight for it when she saw it. She’s ten years old, and the relief on her face when the orthopedic gel made her joints and bones weightless while she lay there was palpable. It comes with a cover made of plush toy material, which I don’t use. —Joanne

6.A velvet cooling dog bed for the ultimate mutt lounging experience for your canine, with a memory foam pad and gel for a cooler night’s sleep.

The interior activated micro-gel beads will help absorb your pet’s body heat and reduce the temperature of their sleeping surface by one or two degrees.

Positive feedback: “I’ve wasted a lot of money on mattresses that my dog won’t sleep on. Each time, I donated it and promised myself that I would never buy her another. She sleeps on a soft blanket, but as a large Chocolate Lab, I know she requires support and cushioning for her joints. So, as usual, I placed another order for her (this one, being the least expensive of them all). We opened it, I ordered her to lie down in her bed, and she hasn’t moved since! Really! She typically follows me around all the time; now I have to go find her, and she’s in her bed! I ordered the large plus size, and she has plenty of room to stretch out and flop around in. I’m overjoyed, and she’s overjoyed as well. Sophia Louise, and her joints, thank you!” —Melyss

Chewy has it for $30.99+. (available in three colors and five sizes).

And if you really can’t get enough of your dog, you might enjoy these things that let everyone know how much you adore him.

7.A reversible cooling dog bed to prevent your pup’s panting from competing with the rumble of the air conditioner over who can be louder.

The one side insulates heat while the other distributes it to keep your dog cool. When the summer heat hits, you’ll be delighted you have this and any other dog-related problem-solving products on hand.

Positive feedback: “This is my family dog’s favorite bed! I like how there are two sides, one warm and one cool, so our dog can be comfy in any weather!” Jessica Gonzalez (Jessica Gonzalez)

“It arrived rolled up, but it expanded to its full size within a few hours. It keeps my dog cool, is attractive, and feels amazing.” —Iasagashvili, Natali

8. A water-activated cooling pad that you simply drop into the tub and watch as it suddenly swells up into a cool, mess-free bed for your pooch to nap on on a hot summer afternoon.

Cool Beds 4 Pets, based in Lyons, Colorado, is a small family-owned Etsy store that specialized in handcrafted cooling goods for pets.

Positive feedback: “This is a fantastic product. I soaked it for approximately an hour in cold water till it puffed up. I folded it to catch some dripping water in a towel and set it aside for approximately half an hour. It’s been over two weeks since I got it, and it’s kept cool for days. When you touch it, it feels damp, yet no water or moisture gets on your hand. I’m looking forward to using it on my long-haired Shih Tzu. I need to keep her calm, so I’m going to keep her hair long. My dog comes everywhere with me, and when I use it, I will cover it with a light towel.” —Lisa

9.The micro-gel beads absorb and wick away any body heat, while the memory foam molds to your dog’s particular shape, making this a cooling dog chaise you’ll wish was manufactured in human size.

There’s also a machine-washable removable cover.

Positive feedback: “Our 65-pound Chocolate Lab is quite particular about beds, preferring to sleep on our bed whenever possible. She has quickly adapted to her new bed, and I believe the cooling gel saves her from overheating at night, and the memory foam helps with her painful joints (now that she is no longer a puppy). She enjoys having two sides against which she can curl up, and the size recommendation based on her weight was accurate.” —WIpup

10.A cooling mat for dogs that responds to pressure. Because it’s that amazing at keeping you (and your dog, of course) cool all summer, some reviewers are using it for themselves.

When not in use, this innovative gel can be recharged in as little as 20 minutes without the use of energy or batteries.

Positive feedback: “It’s only been two days, but our double-coated dog seems to like it. He’s never slept with us on the couch because he gets too hot. He’s now snoozing on his pad, nestled up against me. I’m overjoyed!!! It makes no difference to me whether it lasts six months or six years. It’s worth it for him to be at ease.” Crystal S. says.

11.A striped cooling dog bed that you can simply transport from one room to another — or even put in their kennel for a quiet night’s sleep for your canine (AND you).

Chen Yu Fashion Store is a small Etsy company that specialized on creating trendy pet accessories.

Chen Yu Fashion Store on Etsy has it for $27.89+. (available in two colors and three sizes).

12.An orthopedic cooling dog bed to protect your senior dog’s joints and muscles while also preventing overheating.

Keeping your favorite pet warm is only one of the benefits of owning a pet, especially if your puppy is a bed hog.

Positive feedback: “This bed is so comfortable that I actually lay down on it!! LOL. I bought it for my first Akita Inu, who has several layers of fur. They get hot here in sunny California, so I bought a second one for Yuki, my second Akita Inu, and she loves it!! I don’t get overheated while lying on it, and it’s SO COMFY!!! IT’S WORTH THE MONEY! For my last dog, I left it outside all day and night, moving it about the yard to keep her in the shade, and it was still in wonderful condition!” Corjasso, Kristina

13.A cooling mat for dogs that uses a pressure-activated gel to keep them cool while keeping guard in front of the window (you know, to let you know when your packages are arriving).

Positive feedback: “Finally, a good night’s sleep! I own a Bernese Mountain Dog, a breed known for its fiery temperament. I have his sleeping place cooled with a couple of fans, but he still whines and thrashes around in pain at night. He’ll try to chill down by sleeping on his stomach. We even keep the house temperature lower just for him. We’ve had some of the most restful nights with him in the last several nights. He no longer wakes up in the middle of the night, whining and writhing around. When you apply any pressure, the cooling feeling is almost instantaneous, and I love how lightweight it is and how easy it is to carry around the house to his favorite nap areas during the day and then upstairs to our room at night for bedtime. It’s also the perfect size for vehicle rides in the backseat.” —Nikki

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