30 Problem-Solving Products For Cat Owners

1.An eye wash to carefully remove any goop or crusty eye boogers from your cat’s face.

Positive feedback: “Oscar develops severe infections around his right eye, causing the entire area to become red and crusty. This worked perfectly for us! We noticed a significant difference even after the first use. I don’t use it as directed, maybe once a day, but it still works fine cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval Will definitely purchase again. P.S. Please excuse the prior photo (left); he was assisting me with sizing baby hats that I was sewing. He just acts as if the cats were tormented.” McLeod, April

2.A waterless cat bath, since no matter how much we love our pets, they can sometimes smell just like that puddle of vomit on the pavement I dodged last Friday night. This leave-in foam will nourish their skin while also cleaning it.

Review that is promising: “Despite being regularly bathed, my cat still has a mouth, belly button lint, and floor odor. She smells like a spring baby after I showered her with it tonight. I’m huffing her soft head nonstop. I didn’t believe I could love her again, but I’ve grown up. This is incredible stuff.” —J. Ham

3.An automatic pet feeder to reclaim your independence from your furry masters. No more being startled awake at 6 a.m. by a hungry pet, or having your Zoom meetings disrupted by yowling in the background because dinner is a minute late.

Depending on the size of each serving (1/8 cup to 4 cups), this automatic feeder may contain up to 12 meals.

“My PetSafe automatic feeder allows me to sleep in peace without my cat nagging me, travel for up to four days, and controls the amount of food,” one reviewer said. —caroline5

“Our cat is chubby.” Her existence revolves on food, and the only way we’ve been able to keep her at a manageable weight is by feeding her good food that she despises and this pet feeder. It gets a few additional claw and bite marks every time we return from a trip, but it holds up well.She’s even tried to sit on it, but all that did was frighten it a little. She used to maneuver about the bowl so that when it was time to feed, she could put her head where the chute was and feel the food rain down on her like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is something I would recommend to anyone with a cat who is obsessed with eating and getting food. Every single strategy we’ve attempted has failed because of her tenacity. Yes, it is pricey. Yes, that is well worth it.” —BMoney

4.A pack of Burt’s Bees cat wipes to keep your cat’s coat silky, lustrous, and dander-free. Aloe vera and oats are used to soothe dry skin and minimize redness.

Review that is promising: “On his back, towards the base of his tail, our youngster had a lot of dander. We continued to brush but the problem persisted. I opted to get the dander wipes after reading the reviews. So far, I’ve used it twice and am completely impressed. His dander has almost vanished. In addition, after combing and wiping his hair, it appears shinier and silkier. Not to mention that our baby son resembles the cat on the box. Overall, I’ll keep buying these and using them once a week or twice every two weeks to keep his lovely orange coat in good shape. Burt’s Bees, thank you very much!” Tom Cincotta (Tom Cincotta)

5.An ear treatment to remove buildup and avoid inflammation and irritation in your poor pet’s ears. These ear drops protect against a wide range of fungal and bacterial illnesses, including yeast and staph infections.

Positive feedback: “My 9-year-old cat has had ear issues on and off her entire life, including a lot of earwax, jerking her head, and scratching. Every year, the veterinarian offers me new ear drops to try, but they never seem to work. My veterinarian placed my cat under anesthesia and cleaned both of her ears. She said she was shocked my cat could hear anything at all due to the quantity of wax buildup, but that she didn’t appear to have ear mites. When I asked her what I could do to keep them clean, she only offered me drops, which didn’t appear to work. I realized the earwax was returning a month later in January and decided to do some research. I saw these drops and decided to purchase them. I followed the instructions to the letter, and my cat didn’t seem to object when I put these in her ears. While using these, I observed a significant improvement in earwax removal. In July, I checked my cat’s ears, and there was no wax!!! NONE! This stuff is incredible. My cat seemed to have had a yeast infection all along, and treating her for mites and other things only made her ears worse. She’s wax-free at last!!” —Olivia

6.A purring cat toy if your worried feline won’t quit meowing at all hours of the day. Your feline can enjoy the experience of cuddling up to another purring “cat” with this purple guy’s built-in purring motor. It also plays soothing, relaxing music.

Positive feedback: “It works perfectly! I recently became the foster mother to an abandoned week-old kitten. I bought this for her since she wanted something to snuggle up to in her bed. It turns out that it hypnotizes her into sleeping. She crawls up to it, kneads it, and her meows finally fade away. I wish the purring lasted longer, but it’s a lifesaver for $10. She’s pooped on it a couple of times, so I had to wash and dry it without the battery pack. It’s held up admirably.” —S Leytem

7.Allergy drops in a tube to help with congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. (Of course, if these symptoms persist, you should contact a veterinarian because they could be signs of a sinus or nasal infection.)

Positive feedback: “This product arrived yesterday, and our 15-year-old cat showed instant improvement. For several years, she has struggled with hard breathing, continuous sneezing, and thick snot that she tries to remove from one nostril. Our vet informed us that this illness is pretty common in senior cats and that there is no “magic bullet” that will adequately treat it. We placed five drops of this solution in her wet meal yesterday, and she stopped sneezing and blowing mucous right away. Her breathing appeared to be less laborious and she appeared to be less anxious. We gave her another dose yesterday afternoon, followed by another this morning. She has barely sneezed once or twice in that time, compared to dozens and dozens of times every day before. She isn’t blowing mucus anymore, whereas before her nose was continuously running. I hope it works as well for your cat as it appears to for ours.” —JHO

8.Because your cat’s excessive claws are shredding almost every delicate fabric in your flat, you’ll need a pair of professional nail clippers.

Positive feedback: “I recently adopted an older cat who was scratching everything in sight. I placed the order and sat her down to get to work. I was afraid I’d hurt her by accident, but it was so simple for both me and her!! I had to do one paw at a time because she squirmed from being held still for too long, but they turned out great and I’m really pleased!” —blushingsooner

9. A set of matatabi chew sticks to pamper your lovely baby while also keeping their teeth clean. Matatabi is a Japanese plant that is a catnip substitute (excellent for cats who don’t like catnip!).

Meowy Janes is a New Egypt, New Jersey-based small business with a fantastic name. It focuses on catnip and catnip substitutes.

Positive feedback: “Our kitty became addicted the moment I placed a stick down! These are perfect for our cat who enjoys ‘chewing.’ Natural ingredients, attractive package, and prompt delivery! Many thanks” —kr323

10.A stress-relieving diffuser kit for stressed-out cats. This is especially helpful if your cat has problems adjusting to new environments or suffers from separation anxiety.

A diffuser and refill are included with every package. The pheromones emitted by this diffuser cause the cat’s endocrine system to release relaxing compounds. Because cats make these pheromones naturally, you don’t have to worry about your cat ingesting potentially hazardous chemicals.

Review that seems promising: “We’re renovating and repairing our house. I bought this product a few days ago to see if it will help us get through the situation. As is to be anticipated with loud machinery in the house, all of my cats have kept (keeping up to date) their sanity. We have portholes in various walls, allowing them to move freely from room to room. This product appears to be quite beneficial. Recommended.” —inky

11.A reversible cardboard scratcher couch that can withstand even the most ferocious feline. (Your carpet appreciates it!)

It also includes catnip. If your cat enjoys scratching cardboard, these Amazon boards are a cheaper alternative.

Positive feedback: “I’m so glad I purchased it!! I almost didn’t buy it since I was apprehensive. My four kitties absolutely like it!! Apollo is my worst scratcher; he’s ripped up doors, walls, door jams, rugs, couches…basically whatever he can get his hands on, and he even chews on furniture. Now that he has this, he has entirely quit all of that!! You can see he’s happy. They all use it, and they all adore it and use it on a daily basis, once he agreed to share the lounger (it took about two days of all-out fighting). They don’t use anything else because they enjoy it so much. After scratching the lounger, cardboard bits fall to the floor, but it’s worth it! I wish I had purchased this earlier.” —AmazonCustomer

12.If you want your cat to scratch anything other than your couch legs, consider a wall-mounted scratching post. It is both gorgeous and durable, according to reviewers.

Positive feedback: “The average cat scratching post is a terrible mixture of thread and beige carpet that drains the soul of whatever room it is placed in. This isn’t it. This scratching post is simple, well-made, and unobtrusive, integrating into any environment. It arrived in good condition and was simple to set up using the included gear. Furthermore, it is well-made and can withstand my cat’s regular use.” —D James

13.And, while we’re on the subject of couches, a set of clear couch protectors to keep yours safe from your cat’s wrath. These self-adhesive pads may be cut to size and mix in with your couch and chairs.

Positive feedback: “I was delighted to test these out because our cat was shredding the corner of our brand new sofa. I didn’t want to use any sprays or anything that would pierce the cushions. I was concerned about the adhesive’s quality, but the screen has held up well, and my cat no longer scratches that spot. If she finds a new location, there are plenty of screens in the package to add more.” —NKakanis

14.A broom for pet hair, because your carpet undoubtedly has a lot of fur caught in it that you can’t see. The rubber head acts as a magnet to catch stray hairs and works as well on wood and linoleum. A built-in squeegee is also included for wiping up liquids or cleaning glass. Furthermore, the handle extends from 36 to 60 inches, allowing it to reach almost any mess.

Positive feedback: “I purchased this broom after reading numerous positive reviews, and I was not disappointed. This broom is fantastic! It is both light and strong. I’ve used it on tile floors and carpet, and it removes pet hair, lint, and filth effectively. This is far superior to our traditional push broom. Unlike our old broom, it is quite easy to clean after usage with just my hand. It also includes a telescoping handle that can be adjusted to your desired height. A squeegee is also available for cleaning the house and automobile windows. It comes highly recommended from me.” —Joyce V

15.An air purifier to make it easier to breathe. It not only purifies the air and absorbs pet dander, but it also purges unpleasant cat odors, according to reviews.

Review that is promising: “This was purchased for the usage of my kid. She’d recently moved and was forced to keep the cat’s litter box in her bedroom, where she was having odor issues despite cleaning it every day. She swears it works miracles once I sent it to her. In her room, she can no longer smell the litter box!” —Stefi

16.A window hammock for anyone whose cat adores gazing longingly out the window but would not last more than five minutes outside. (Do you have to catch dinner? Thank you, but no!). This silky hammock provides your cat with their own perch while also satisfying their innate curiosity by allowing them to observe the birds, squirrels, and your next-door neighbor walking to the mailbox in their undies.

JennGv is a tiny business situated in Clayton, California, founded by Jennifer Giantvalley, a cat enthusiast who creates a variety of window hammocks for your cats.

Positive feedback: “This perch is of exceptional quality. It’s silky, stable, and simply lovely! It’s honestly her favorite area in the house now. a hundred percent re “ommend!” —Belcastro, Desiree

17.A mounted brush for your cat’s constant scritching needs. Simply use the accompanying adhesive strips to attach it to a corner and watch as your cherished pets flee to the warm hug of this gray and white piece of plastic.

Review that seems promising: “Gambino Bambino, my cat, would let you shave him!! When the brush comes out, he comes running. I knew he wanted more, even though we enjoy accommodating. He kept scratching our walls with his face and ears. I finally found this item and knew he’d enjoy it! It took some persuasion, but once he figured it out, he was hooked! One in the living room, one in the kitchen, one on the landing, and one in the guest room! He’s loving it!!! Simple to assemble and hang.” Mangiaracina, T.

18.If your fussy cat insists on drinking solely from the bathroom faucet, install an automatic water fountain. Because some cats dislike drinking still water (it’s a defense strategy), a fountain with rushing water may be more appealing.

Three new filters and a mat are also included.

Review that seems promising: “My cat enjoys drinking toilet water. She never used the $60 stainless steel teardrop fountain I gave her (not to mention how loud it is). I tried closing the toilet to make her drink, but she only meowed next to the sink. As a result, I sought advice from my sister, a veterinarian. Because cats are more likely to drink from flower fountains, she suggested one. It’s incredible. With the flower cap on, it is completely silent, but without it, there is a pleasant cascade sound. My cat routinely chooses to drink from this, even while the toilet bowl is open. It has shown to be really beneficial. I honestly have no complaints.” Minno Durkin is a writer who lives in New York City.

19.An interactive cat toy to pacify your furry rulers and keep them occupied for a few hours…until dinnertime.

Positive comments: “My cat refuses to play with any of the cat toys I have in the room. It’s amusing how my cheapest cat toy drives him mad. I’ve never seen him jump so high before, and he’ll play with it until he’s panting like a dog. I’m convinced that this toy will help him shed pounds. It fascinates him. It comes with my highest recommendation!” —Kwoo

20.Because cleaning the litter box and having the clumps shatter into a dozen pieces while emitting a pee- and ammonia-scented cloud is your biggest irritation with your present litter, get a bag of premium clumping litter. Ding, ding, ding, ding! This winning litter will eliminate the issue. In addition, critics rave about the odor control.

Positive feedback: “Our cats’ behavioral troubles were resolved because to this product. Shortly after switching to pine-based litter, our two rescue cats began peeing and pooping outside the litter box. I had no idea what was causing our cats’ misbehavior and assumed they were ill, so I had our vet examine them. I installed a smaller litter box, moved them to different areas, etc. after making sure there were no health issues, but I still found pee and poo outside the litter boxes. I moved to this litter around four months ago. Not only did it greatly lessen the odor, but no accidents on the floor have been discovered since! This medication is greatly appreciated by both people and cats.” —Japi

21.A self-warming pet bed to keep your cats toasty warm. (Reviewers who have hairless cats say it keeps their naked bbs warm and comfy.)

Positive feedback: “My two cats were fighting over the first bed I got, so I had to order a second one. But, to be honest, it’s been amusing to watch the battles. Your cat(s) will like this bed, I promise.” —Van Damme, Leslie D.

22.A powerful portable vacuum for vacuuming up pet hair quickly and easily. It includes a unique rubber nozzle that easily picks up fur, even in difficult-to-vacuum situations like stairwells. There is no bag, so when you’re done vacuuming, simply take off the canister and throw the contents away.

Review that seems promising: “What the hell? When it comes to online purchases, are you wary? ME TOO! That’s why I dismissed all of the glowing reviews. I’ve seriously considered buying every vacuum cleaner available, even the Rumba, which is about as smart as a cotton swab. However, with four cats and a golden retriever, I was running out of options! A thousand words, they say. Take a look at mine (below)! It’s worth noting that the ‘before’ photo was taken after my dog’s bed had been washed and dried. Take a look at how much hair is left behind!!! And the ‘after’ photo was shot after only THREE MINUTES of vacuuming. I. Am. SOLD! BTW, this is the first time I’ve ever taken the time to review a product.” —Luca Chan chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier cheval

23.A cat shelf to keep your cat secure while perched high on their perch. Cats like higher locations because they can observe their surroundings better (and can quickly spot any dangers, like the vacuum cleaner).

Cosy and Dozy, a small business in Poland, is owned by Magdalena and Wojtek Zajdel. Its Chill Deluxe shelf was awarded a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards for 2020!

Positive comments: “The fabric is stunning and of exceptional quality. When the new bed was eventually hung on the wall, we put our cat in it. For the past two hours, he’s been purring in it. I assume he like it:) I strongly suggest you to give it a try.” —Christina

24.If you want Mittens to quit knocking over her food bowl, get a set of porcelain food bowls and a matching stand. Mittens, only once! The stainless-steel bowls are raised to alleviate neck strain, and the entire set has an anti-slip grip to keep it from falling over.

Shop Vanilla Bean is a California-based small business that sells useful and lovely home items.

Positive feedback: “These are fantastic! They’re tidy (keeping the floor and walls tidy as well) and attractive. Excellent product!” Egge, Vaughn

25.An organic cat grass–growing kit for indoor cats who crave a taste of the outdoors as well as fur babies who suffer from regular hairballs. It’s a healthy source of vitamins and minerals created from a blend of barley, flax, oat, and wheat seeds.

Positive feedback: “When it comes to flavor, the kittens seem to like it a lot! After only five days, it was tall enough; nevertheless, we waited until day six to make sure ‘little destroyer’ didn’t rip it out by the roots! Unlike some pet store shoots, the cup opening holds the shoots tightly together. We are quite satisfied. We ordered a refill at the same time and are about to get another just to have two glasses so my kids don’t quarrel over who gets to sit where. If you follow the watering instructions, there will be no mold issues.” Katherine M.

26.An under-the-door cat toy, because you didn’t think a toy built expressly for use under a door existed…but it does. If your cat enjoys chasing strings under the door or pawing or biting at fingers under the door, this knitted toy is for them.

Knit Wit Boutique is a small business situated in Ohio that specializes in hand knitted products.

Positive feedback: “These were purchased for my cats and delivered fast. My cats adore them, particularly when they contain catnip. There are numerous colors to chose from, and they are well-made for hours of feline entertainment. A wonderful present for any cat or cat owner. This shop’s owner was a delight to work with. I asked her several questions, and she promptly responded.” Casey, Ann

27.An odor-eliminating spray for quickly removing stains and odors. Each spray delivers bacteria that feeds on the ammonia left behind after your pet’s accidents, fully removing the urine and discouraging your pet from peeing in the same location in the future.

The Magleby family’s pets, Rocco, a Labradoodle, and Roxie, a former shelter tabby cat, inspired Rocco & Roxie, a family-owned small company. Cleaners, treats, grooming tools, accessories, and toys are among the products they produce.

Positive feedback: “I have six senior cats, and a few of them frequently leave stinky pee puddles to express their displeasure with whatever cats get ‘peed off’ over. It’s not a litter box issue, and I can’t blame them all because I’ve caught one or two of them doing it. This product works effectively on both fresh and dried messes. I wet the area with Rocco & Rossi’s odor eliminator and let it dry after blotting up fresh pee pods. I just flood the area and let it dry for dried nasty items. It has a lovely odor and fully removes the ammonia smell. I’ve tried a lot of other products, and this one is the best. I now purchase gallons just to have on hand. It’s preferable to smelling that foul pee!” —mona mia

28.Anyone who is tired of getting fur all over their clothes would appreciate this pet hair remover. Roll it over your couch, bed, favorite blanket, or whatever else you want, and see the fur peel away. We can have nice stuff, you see!!

Positive feedback: “Where has this been all my life as a cat lover? Sticky rollers are great for clothes, but this is the only product that has ever completely removed all cat fur from my bed. I have a 20-pound tabby with long hair, and if you run your hands up his back a few times and toss the hair everywhere, it looks like it’s snowing — no matter what I do, he never stops shedding. I can put on a black outfit and roll around on my bed without getting a single hair on me after using the ChomChom. It’s very incredible. Even if they don’t have a pet, everyone is getting one for Christmas. It doesn’t matter to me; it’s THAT fantastic.” —Stephanie

29.A top-entry litter box that keeps the litter where it belongs: in the box, not on your floors and carpet. It comes with a scoop and has a grooved lid to catch any litter that has stuck to your cat’s paws.

Positive feedback: “This litter box is fantastic. It comes with a cute scooper and a spot to hang it, and the neutral color helps it fit in without screaming “there’s poop in here.” It’s not only unobtrusive, but it also prevents my cat from leaving a mess as she walks away. I caught one of the dome types last because she feels compelled to run from the litter like a ghost is following her once she finishes. (Aren’t cats cute?) This, however, is not the case. She must take her time before leaping out. And any litter she does track in is trapped on the top portion, which is simple to remove and clean. Also, the pricing point is ideal!” —Shelly B.

30.If your cat is currently at odds with its old litter box, consider an automatic litter box. It not only helps minimize the frequency with which their cats left surprises outside the box, but it also helps lessen the amount of litter tracked into the house, according to reviewers. Also, no more poop scooping!

A pre-portioned bag of litter is included in each litter box to pour into the tray. It will start cleaning 20 minutes after your cat has been identified leaving the box. When the tray is filled, simply remove it and discard it.

Positive comments: “For years, I’ve been considering acquiring an automated litter box but have put it off. I’m overjoyed that I finally got one! It’s easy to set up both the litter box and the phone app. It didn’t take long for our cat to adjust. She actually climbed inside as I was putting it together and started using it right away. The app notifies you when the cat enters the box and when it rakes the box clean 20 minutes later. There was absolutely no stink! The app alerted us today that it was garbage collection day (right at four weeks from installation.) Our new litter will be supplied immediately the next day. Simply lift the plastic unit, slip out the old box (the filthy litter is covered behind a flap), place the lid on top, and throw it away. After a simple wipe off with a sponge, the replacement box will go underneath, and we’ll be good for another month. When the cat comes in, she appreciates having a clean litter box, and we appreciate not having to clean it!” —terry

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