Ahsan Untoo arrested for inciting violence through social media platforms: Police

SRINAGAR, Jan. 14 (Kuwait News Agency): Jammu and Kashmir police said on Friday that they had detained and arrested Muhammad Ehsan Onto for spreading false propaganda, disinformation campaign and hate speech on social media platforms.

According to a statement by the Kashmir News Service (KNS), a police spokesperson said Muhammed Ahsan Onto, son of the late Ghulam Hassan Onto of diver Lulap Kupwara and at present Kurso Rabagh, has been identified as an active participant and speaker in Twitter spaces. Titled “Radio Kashmir Resistance” led by Muzammil Ayoub Thakur and Dr. Asif Dar.

The statement said that they are accused in several cases along with Ahsan Onto and that they actively spread hatred against the Federation of India on the social media platform.

“By spreading false propaganda, disinformation campaigns and hate speech across these social media spaces, Ahsan Untoo not only threatens to destabilize the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the UT of J&K but is spreading discontent, ill will and disharmony against the Union of India,” it reads.

You also read that he is also active in spreading the agenda of the militants and thus incites the youth to resort to violence and indulge in illegal activities.

“As the above activities by Ahsan Untoo amount to the commission of a crime identifiable by him, and accordingly, a case has been registered against him under the relevant sections of the law, with the Srinagar Police being aware of the matter.”

The statement stated that an investigation had been launched into the matter and the accused had been detained in pretrial detention. (KNS)


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