Meet Anaam Tiwary, Founder Of ‘Digital Anaam Academy’

Meet Anaam Tiwary, A Successful Digital Marketing Expert And Founder Of ‘Digital Anaam Academy’

Meet Anam Tiwari, a 33-year-old from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh who is a digital entrepreneur, internet marketing and social media marketing expert. Anaam Tiwari was born on January 23, 1989. He is the youngest digital entrepreneur from Ghaziabad who started his career at a very young age and established a digital marketing training center known as … Read more

Google HK names Nancy Ting as marketing head for YouTube Greater China

Google Hong Kong

Google has promoted Nancy Ting (pictured) as Chief Marketing Officer for YouTube Greater China and Google in Hong Kong. According to her LinkedIn, prior to her promotion, she was Head of Consumer and Brand Marketing in Hong Kong from September 2019 to December 2021. Ting joined Google Hong Kong in August 2014 as Head of … Read more

The Day – FTC issues cease-and-desist order over Uncasville insurance company’s earnings claims

The Day - Vandals set fire to Key West's Southernmost Point, a landmark with special meaning for Cuban Americans

MONTEVILLE — The Federal Trade Commission last month issued a cease and desist order to Family First Life, a life insurance marketing company based in Uncasville, after reviewing social media posts and determining the company “unlawfully misrepresented that consumers who became Family First Life were likely to receive Participants have the opportunity to work on … Read more

Meet Anaam Tiwary, a young Digital Entrepreneur and founder of “Digital Anaam Academy”

Meet Anaam Tiwary, a young Digital Entrepreneur and founder of “Digital Anaam Academy”

Anam Tauri is making new progress in the field of digital marketing. He is a digital marketer and one of the top digital marketing experts in digital entrepreneurs. Anam Tauri from Ghaziabad is a young entrepreneur who believes that his work and efforts can make a huge difference in the industry of the digital world … Read more

LinkedIn’s Unique Value as a B2B Marketing Platform

LinkedIn’s Unique Value as a B2B Marketing Platform

LinkedIn is the platform that brings business minds together. But as the platform grows, so does the potential to target new audiences. It’s time to explore the unique value LinkedIn has as a B2B marketing platform. LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions B2B Playbook page captures the dynamic platform that gives the platform a lot of value for … Read more

Press Play on a Winning Strategy

Video Marketing: Press Play on a Winning Strategy 3

by Rachel Millar A social and creative leader, Mouth loud media Producing engaging and engaging content can be a major driver for the success of any brand. For this reason, keeping up with current trends and conversational stimulating marketing assets has quickly become a priority for many companies. One of the most effective ways to … Read more

Junior Videographer – Pedestrian Jobs

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Wanted: Junior Videographer Do you have a passion for creating video content and want to be able to create great video content for the brands you know and love every day? You have reached your dream job. Milkbar Digital is looking for a full time job little videographer, to help us create killer video content … Read more

Turning clicks into cash: why the Creator Economy is booming

Turning clicks into cash: why the Creator Economy is booming

The Creator Economy is a category of company created by over 50 million content creators, curators, social media influencers, bloggers and videographers. 2.3 million people say they do so on a full-time basis. They use social media, platforms, and financial tools to help them grow and generate income. The total market size is more than … Read more