Funny Face Bakery teams up with Deuxmoi for a giveaway

From supermodel Studs salon to influencer Serena Kerrigan’s conversation starter card game, newbies have appeared in Deuxmoi’s seemingly endless series of Instagram Stories.

Deuxmoi is an Instagram account that is basically an IRL . account gossip Girl…if gossip Girl He had 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The anonymous woman who runs the account gets celebrity gossip from her followers, then posts it to Instagram Stories for viewers to salivate at.

Funny Face Bakery, famous for making cookies with people’s (and famous) faces on them, recently partnered with Deuxmoi for an organic gift on Instagram.

  • The giveaway itself was simple: Deuxmoi shared a few posts on her Instagram Story about the giveaway that not only featured photos of Deuxmoi’s Funny Face cookies, but also linked to the bakery’s own Instagram account. For its part, Funny Face published the details of the contest on the Instagram network and its own stories.

According to the brand, she was hoping to achieve “brand awareness, follower engagement, and organic reach” through the collaboration.

consequences: After the giveaway, Funny Face said that she gained around 188 new followers. The partnership also resulted in hundreds of comments on a Funny Face Instagram post blocking the giveaway where people had to tag three friends to be entered for a chance to win five cookies.

recipe for success

Funny Face has entered the partnership and she doesn’t know how many views Deuxmoi is getting on her Instagram stories — or who, exactly, the account’s 1.3 million followers are. And the entire partnership was planned via Instagram DM.

Olivia Nickel, director of content and digital marketing at Funny Face, said she’s seen similarities between the account’s fan bases. Nickel told Marketing Brew that tools from Later Media, Google Analytics and Facebook helped the Funny Face team understand that its audience is predominantly women, most interested in topics like media and entertainment — categories that overlap Deuxmoi’s bread and butter and celebrity gossip.

The funny face is no stranger to the celebrity world; The cookies appeared in the bakery in keeping up with the KardashiansThe last day of filming, where each star gets a personal cookie with their face on it.

food for thought

Sarah Silverman, founder of Funny Face (no, not that) told us that while she is “very happy with the appearance that Deux moi was willing to give us through her platform,” she believes the return “could have been higher if we had paid her to publish in the feed.”

Regardless, Silverman said she was satisfied with the results of the collaboration in part because of the number of comments Funny Face got on her own Instagram post about the giveaway — there are currently 264 comments, compared to no comment on her posts right before and after her.

Nickel told us about Deuxmoi’s prolific Instagram account: “I feel like they’re posting so much on their stories that sometimes their partnerships get lost, or their giveaway partnerships get lost.” But she added that her team was fine with the results because the giveaway strategy didn’t cost them.

  • details: While no money was exchanged between Deuxmoi and Funny Face, the bakery estimates that they spent about six and a half hours on the giveaway in total — one hour designing cookies, two hours baking and piping, and an hour and a half “interviewing, planning and scheduling.”

+1: Funny Face has had similar Instagram partnerships before, including with the brand Athleply Outside Voices.—PB

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