The Most Popular Cast Members, Based On Instagram Followers

From Italian model Andrea to Pillow King Craig and Midwesterner Luke and Gabrielle, take a look at any of these winter house The cast members are the most popular based on their Instagram followers. With the premiere of the movie Bravo summer house Role winter house, fans were introduced to some familiar and new faces. The show brought the drama, romance, and confrontation that was needed for such a wild year.

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By knowing some of the castmates, it’s easy to find actors on Instagram and keep up with their lives outside of the show. Fans can see what their favorite colleague wants and interact with them in real time through their social media accounts. With the shows becoming increasingly popular, it just means that the stars will definitely see a rise in their already huge following.

Jason Cameron: 10.9 thousand followers

Jason Cameron

The new face of Bravo World, fans meet glamorous model and non-profit worker Jason in the first season of Winter house. The glamorous and outgoing model hits him with Lindsay Hubbard in more summer, and things get a little tougher between the two in the cold mountains.

His Instagram consists of his love for football and the Buffalo Bills, as well as his life in New York, where he works as a model. Besides these candid shots, he also shares some fun photos of the vacation and promotes the non-profit organization Glam4Good. His 10.9 thousand followers are sure to rise throughout his time with Bravo.

Gabriel Kennery: 15.1K followers

Promotional photo of Gabriel at Winter House

Another new face for Bravo but not reality TV, the 29-year-old Gabrielle appeared on the 14th season of America’s next best model. She entered the house as a friend of Julia looking forward to enjoying her vacation and meeting new people. She was finally starting to have feelings for her other Midwestern counterpart, Luke Gulbranson, however, he seemed to have eyes on Julia being taken, and this love triangle was on a fun winter vacation.

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With her face and name out there, Gabrielle currently has only 15.1K followers with her content mostly consisting of branded models and headshots. She’s also showing off a few selfies here and there, and with her beauty and her rising stardom, the next list is sure to go.

Julia McGuire: 31.8K followers

Julia McGuire doing a funny reaction outside at Winterhouse

The common denominator among her friends, the 29-year-old Julia, is a model based in New York who has a side interest in at least matching her friends. Entering the Vacation Taken, Julia was still ready to spend quality time with her friends and be a helping hand or shoulder to cry on her friends.

Julia is a newcomer to Bravo and reality TV, she has quite a following and is sure to gain more based on her personality alone, and it doesn’t hurt her beautiful and aesthetically pleasing photos of her fashion with a few nature and lifestyle images posted on her platform.

Ciara Miller: 102 thousand followers

Austin Ciara Winter House

26-year-old Ciara entered winter house With friend Paige Desorbo, they’re looking to see what the guys had to offer in the looks and personality department. It quickly sparked an affair with Austin Kroll that turned into a love triangle with Lindsey Hubbard, resulting in a tense vacation for all involved.

Relatively new to the group, Ciara from the Bravo Show summer house, Which is where she got 102,000 followers. Through her feed consisting of her adventures in the city and with friends, Ciara treats her followers with some colorful and fun content.

Luke Gulbranson: 154K followers

Luke Gulbranson & amp;  Gabe Kennery sitting on a bed and talking at Winter House

Luke, a Midwest hottie, came home for snow, fun, and friends with some romance in mind. While clicking on trees to get a drink, he’s also chasing after Julia McGuire, not letting their relationship status get in the way. This quickly turns into a love triangle full of drama, when Gabrielle Kennery begins to garner feelings for him as well.

Of his fame in a few films and spent in summer house, Luke treats his 154k followers to hockey content, with his role as hockey coach, and also shares some snaps showing some of his summer house And winter house buddies.

Kyle Cook: 350K followers

Kyle cries for Amanda on an episode of Winter House

At the start of the holiday with a bang, Cale was ready to drink and be merry with his friends. However, that took a turn when he got upset after his fiancée Amanda Patola allowed her friends Ciara and Paige to have a bigger room in the house. Things eventually settled down, and Cale apologized, and was ready to start the holiday off right.

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Kyle treats his 350,000 followers to some quality content that ranges from a promo for his Loverboy brand, fun photos featuring his teammates, and of course, a feed filled with his wife side by side, Amanda Patola.

Lindsay Hubbard: 405K followers

Jason Cameron &  Lindsey Hubbard hugging each other at Winterhouse

Confident and intelligent, Lindsay Hubbard entered the Vermont home cheerfully with Austin Kroll on her mind. Looking forward to reviving the torch, Lindsay declared her love for Southern charm The star, who was hooking up with Ciara Miller at the time, led to quite a bit of drama.

Now happily in a relationship with summer house Best Casting Companion, Carl Radke, Lindsay uses her platform to document her time with her friends and colleagues, promote business ventures to her colleagues, and keep her fans up to date with everything that’s going on in her life.

Amanda Patola: 510 thousand followers

Promotional image for Amanda from Winterhouse

Fan favorite Amanda entered the Vermont home with her fiancé Kyle Cook ready to bask in and relax. However, her attempts are thwarted when she decides to confront Austin Kroll about his intentions with her friend Ciara Miller, and an all-out showdown soon ensues.

The content she gives to her 510k fans consists of her life with her new husband Kyle and the promotion of his Loverboy brand. As they say, a couple who builds together stays together.

Austin Kroll: 545K followers

Austin Kroll & amp.  Ciara Miller eats oysters together at home at Winter House

Reeling from his on-and-off relationship with Madison Lecroy, the 34-year-old Austin walked into the house having his mind blown. However, he finds himself embroiled in a love triangle between Ciara Miller and Lindsey Hubbard. Even being in the midst of two beautiful women couldn’t take Austin’s mind off his ex-girlfriend.

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With his fame from the famous Bravo show Southern charm The craft beer entrepreneur has a popular following, whose posts consist of travel photos with friends and family, beer promotions and podcasts.

Big Desorpo: 628 thousand followers

Paige wears Skims at Winter House

Looking for fun and enjoying her vacation, the 29-year-old journalist has been on vacation to live her best life.. Fans watched that she and co-star Andrea have a few hookups here and there, and her friends grow up with her crush, Craig Conover.

Already a fan favorite from then on summer housePaige uses her social media platform to promote her trendy outfits and tips, including a relationship photo of her and boyfriend Craig Conover on the set.

Craig Conover: 784,000 followers

Craig Conover drives a car in the snow at Winter House

Fans know 32-year-old Craig Conover from Bravo Southern charm And Empire Pillow Sewing Down the South. In the first season of the show, Craig was in a relationship that ends quickly by the end of the first season of the show.

With the popularity of Southern charm Craig already had a huge following Who seemed to be growing all the time winter house. On his Instagram, Craig posts about his work, family, friends, and new relationship with fellow cast member Paige Desorbo.

Andrea Denver: 1.2 million followers

Paige has a date with Andrea at Winterhouse

Surprisingly, the most followed female co-star is Andrea Denver. The Italian is currently a signed model with modeling agencies around the world from New York, Milan, London and many more. Excited to spend time with friends, old and new, he entered Winterhouse, searching for a girl to take home to Italy, and his eyes, especially on Page Desorpo.

With an array of fun, exciting and thought-provoking posts sprinkled with some cute shots of dogs, it’s no wonder the Italian model has a huge following to share his daily life and adventures with.

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