Woman pretended to be SAPD officer in Facebook shopping scam, affidavit states

Saint Anthony A woman pretended to be a San Antonio police officer on Facebook while deceiving people who thought they were buying jewelry of a “good moral character,” according to court records.

Yvonne Lucio, 37, has been charged with online impersonation after a SAPD investigator reported using her photos as Lucio’s profile picture and cover photo, according to an affidavit of arrest. Lucio also used other photos of the informant in her Facebook Stories.

Police said Lucio posted pictures of the jewelry to private resale groups on Facebook, including James Avery’s, and asked users to send money via Facebook pay or other payment apps, such as CashApp.

She told customers she lives out of state and charges a fee for shipping.

Police said that once the users paid her, she did not appear to have received the money. Customers then sent in subsequent payments, and multiple fees were deducted from their accounts.

When customers encountered her online about the scam, she sent them payment invoices that were actually payment invoices.


In one instance when a customer complained, she replied “I don’t need 65 I’m a police officer, I earn a lot,” the affidavit said.

Police said Lucio appeared to have pretended to be an officer to appear to be a “good moral character”.

The investigator discovered that her photos were being used in September when a friend sent her a message about a fraud warning.

The post read, “Scammer alert. Yvonne Lucio perseveres. Don’t fall for him! She’s in several James Avery collections!!… Beware.” The post also included a screenshot of Lucio’s profile who used the detective’s photos.

One of the photos featured the investigator at a promotion party with the head of the SAPD, according to the affidavit. In the photo, she is wearing a full uniform.

A search warrant on Lucio’s profile showed that she occupied “several” unidentified victims while using the officer’s figure, the affidavit said.

Records show that a warrant for her arrest was issued on December 23. She was arrested on Tuesday.


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